BL.A.R.P grew out of a conversation between Rick Griffith and Stephen Brackett of the Flobots while mourning the loss of their mentor, Dr. Vincent Harding, in 2016.

What can we do to escape the narrative associated with North Atlantic slave trade — a narrative that has hurt everyone in the world with racial inequality and lack of equity?

BL.A.R.P. is the search for an alternative narrative — a narrative centered on black people in a post-racial world — something that is ultimately possible only through love and science.

There are two ways to get to a post-racial identity not put on us by the slave trade: love and space travel.

If we see the ‘Institution of Slavery’ in America and with it the pain and suffering endured over time by all people as a cultural ‘black hole’. Then we must also know that there are only two ways to escape its gravitational tow—that there are only two possible forces which can bring us from the darkness—they will be its destruction, and its great end.