Al Apone (Fictional)

48 Arrow Pointing Right




Directed by

James Cameron

Mission and Rank

Master Sergeant

USS Sulaco

TV Show/Film




Played By

Al Matthews

Mission Destination:

Master Sergeant Al Apone was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps, part of 2nd Battalion Bravo Team. He was the senior non-commissioned officer with the combat unit deployed to LV-426 aboard the USS Sulaco in 2179, to investigate the sudden loss of contact with the colony of Hadley’s Hope. He subsequently perished as a result of the Xenomorph infestation at the colony.

Despite a sometimes antagonistic relationship with some of the Marines under his command, notably Private Hudson, Apone was greatly respected by his men. He was taken by the Aliens in the Hive during the early stages of the operation, and was most likely subsequently impregnated with a Chestburster.