David Kano (Fictional)

17 Arrow Pointing Right




Directed by

Ray Austin, Tom CLegg, Kevin Connor, Charles Crichton, Val Guest, Lee H. Katzin, Bob Kellett, Robert Lynn, Peter Medak, David Tomblin

Screenwriters / Creators

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

Mission and Rank

Computer Operative, Third in Command

Moonbase Alpha (space station on Moon), arrived by Eagle Trasporter
Captain John Koenig
1999 (presumed)

TV Show/Film

Space 1999 All Seasons

Played By

Clifton Jones

Mission Destination:
Moonbase Alpha

“As part of the Moonbase Alpha senior staff and head of the Technical Section, David Kano was the resident computer expert on Moonbase. It was said to owe his expertise to his parents, both of whom were computer programmers… Prior to his position on Alpha, Kano was one of several volunteer test subjects on Earth to receive an experimental cybernetic implant that would enable the human brain to interface with a computer, taking advantage of its vast memory and calculating speed. Kano was the only subject not to be rendered permanently brain damaged by the experiment. He retains the access port from this programme in the right occipital area of his skull.” – Wikipedia