Thomas Dodge (Fictional)

5 Arrow Pointing Right




Directed by

Franklin J. Schaffner

Screenwriters / Creators

Michael Wilson and Rod Serling

Mission and Rank


Icarus: Liberty 1 / Icarus
Captain George Taylor
January 14, 1972

TV Show/Film

Planet of the Apes /Original

Adapted from La Planéte des Singes by Pierre Boulle


American National Space Administration

Played By

Jeff Burton

Icarus Destination:
Distant star system, crash landing on 40th century Earth

“Lieutenant Thomas Dodge serves as head science officer. At the relatively young age of 35, Lieutenant Dodge exhibits the vision of a man with twice his years. He admits yearning to find intelligent life at the crew’s ultimate destination. A dream he has often discussed as professor of organic chemistry at Annapolis.” —‘ANSA Public Service Announcement,’ Blu-Ray Planet of the Apes Box-Set from November, 2008″