The Operative (Fictional)

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Directed by

Joss Whedon

Screenwriters / Creators

Joss Whedon

Mission and Rank

TV Show/Film


Adapted from Firefly


Union of Allied Planets

Played By

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Mission Destination:

The Operative was an agent of the Union of Allied Planets government. Similar to a black ops agent, the Operative’s work was not acknowledged by the government. He didn’t officially exist; he gave up his name upon becoming an operative, and he did not hold an official rank in the Alliance.

His status as an operative could get him access to most (possibly all) Alliance facilities as well as respect from those who knew what an operative was. He had been highly trained in close armed and unarmed combat. Until he had his faith broken, he was unswervingly devoted to his cause.